Innovation UP

UtenPolle can help you within the whole innovation cycle, from analysing the (root) problem to the generation of a useful solution or concept. Over the years, an effective process has been developed that proofed itself many times. Three important steps are interlocked and should be executed in sequence to guarantee an optimal result. Within each of these steps, a similar process is followed of diverging, consolidation and converging. Between all three major steps are (decision) gates build in – to ensure the right objective.

Innovation Services

My innovation process, developed over the past years, consists of three major steps:

1- Problem Statement

Analyse the basic challenge to determine the real underlying root problem. Generate the true ‘Design Brief’. Perhaps the most important, but also the most difficult phase in the design process is clarifying the exact problem that has to be resolved. It is tempting to skip this phase and dive into concept development straight away. However, if you have a clear understanding of the real problem and its context in the beginning, you ensure to work on the right problem!

Problem statement

2- Idea Generation

Various creativity techniques should be deployed in the diverging phase to generate as much as possible (partial) solutions and ideas. Which specific techniques are used, depends highly on the type of problem. During the ‘consolidation’ phase, the families or groups of possible solutions are identified. Within the converging phase all the loose thoughts and ideas are worked, combine and reconfigured into premature concepts. It ends by identifying the top concept(s) that have to most potential to solve the original problem.

Idea Generation

3- Concept Development

The chosen top idea/concept is to be worked out into a real and tangible solution. It consists of three elements: acceptance finding (social/political, making sure that the concept can land in the business), concept elaboration (reflecting, conceptualizing, prototyping, testing, demonstrating the feasibility) and implementation planning (activities necessary to implement the idea into the business, supply chain and the value chain). In order to land a new concept into the business, a mock-up or (preferably) prototype helps enormously.

Concept Development

Disruptive Design Studio

1Volume CapOver 7 years ago I founded the Disruptive Design Studio and managed/coached many teams of TU Delft IDE students with their projects to find smart solutions for business challenges (new product propositions and business systems). The DDS is a fast-track innovation process to find truly game changing concepts. Coaching bright, creative, knowledgeable and enthusiastic students with project-, process management and experience, is an inspiring thing to do. UtenPolle can help to set-up, manage and coach such Studio within your company (using internal and/or external resources).