Most of my work and concepts are (still) highly confidential and cannot be placed on a public website. However, during a one-to-one discussion, I could show more material and examples – under confidentiality of course.


Need∙itA truly low cost water purification device. Based on the existing Pure∙it system (in use in India) but for a fraction of the cost (approx 10%). It may claim “as safe as boiled water”. One unit can clean 2000 liters of raw water. It could be deployed as aid kit after (major) disasters. Global Patent WO12019969 granted by the Indian Patent Office.

Say Cheese

Usage of fungus as the primary food packagingUsage of fungus as the primary food packaging. A fully sustainable replacement for plastics, with the same protective performance. A smart trick prevents the fungus to grow into the food product and forms a protective shell. Global Patent WO15024751 granted by the European Patent Office.

1Volume Cap

1Volume CapSingle volume dosing cap (for liquids). No matter how long or hard you squeeze, the dispensed volume is always the same. A very convenient solution for highly concentrated, reactive or sticky (food) products. The cap can be set by the user for high, normal or low volume. Global Patent US2013214008 granted by the US Patent Office.